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Apr 6, 2010 3:05am EDT
and some are still missing. >>> plus, safety cover-up. the government accuses toyota of skirting the law. the historic fine being leveled against the auto giant. >>> and, bargain hunters. the couple that gives frugal a whole new meaning. your junk becomes their treasures. it's tuesday, april 6th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, i'm todd connor in for jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. >>> we begin with that developing story from west virginia. a coal mine explosion has killed at least 25 workers. >> mine safety officials say it appears that methane gas caused the explosion, just as in the sago disaster four years ago. the mine located in montcoal, west virginia. john donvan reports. >> reporter: there was an explosion at about 3:30 in the afternoon, and it was felt from some distance, as we heard from one of the miners who works there. >> we were on our way to go out to the other side of the mountain on the ueb side. but we got caught up in -- it was almost like a tornado. i mean, we got -- it stopped us dead because we couldn't go any farther because there
Apr 20, 2010 3:05am EDT
hoveround collapsible grabber. call the number on your screen. >>> toyota is recalling its lexus, the suv that failed safety tests performed by "consumer reports" magazine. >> the automaker says it will fix stability control systems for the lexus gx-460 and similar models sold worldwide. the magazine told consumers not to buy that car after tests showed the suv was at risk of rollover accidents. the automaker says the gx-460 needs new stability control software. >> been a tough few months for toyota and as expected the company has agreed to pay a record $16 million fine to federal regulators while trying to repair its reputation. >> as diana alvear reports the fine is a big setback for the automaker. >> reporter: toyota's safety crisis has already cost the carmaker millions in lost revenue. now it will pay millions more in a civil fine levied by the national highway traffic safety administration. toyota has agreed to pay $16.4 million, the maximum penalty allowed under u.s. law. on its website the company said, we have acknowledged that we could have done a better job of sharing relevant
Apr 2, 2010 3:05am EDT
their sales. and in spite of recent bad publicity, toyota is on that list. chris bury has e >> reporter: for all its recent troubles, the massive recalls, the public relations fiascos, the embarrassment of having executives hauled before congress, toyota enjoyed sizzling sales last month. up 41% over last year. the big reason, generous incentives that lured back customers. >> it's clear that there are a lot of loyal toyota customers out there that were ready and willing to take advantage of these incentives once toyota put them in place. >> reporter: toyota fought its image battles with an aggressive advertising campaign. >> we want to believe that we can always be better. >> reporter: the biggest incentives in toyota history -- nearly $2,300 per vehicle -- helped turn around two straight months of declining sales. and american carmakers were on a hot streak too. >> the rebates are great, the finance rates are wonderful, and people are realizing that ford has got the car. >> reporter: at ford, sales were up nearly 40%. gm up 22%. chrysler, still struggling, posted an 8% decline. america
Apr 14, 2010 3:05am EDT
terrorist trials should be held in civilian court. >>> toyota says it will temporarily stop selling the lexus gx-460 after consumer reports said the suv carried an unusually high risk of rollover accident during certain types of turns. it's the first time in ten years "consumer reports" has recommended against buying a specific car. >> reporter: watch what happens when the lexus gx-460 comes into a curve too quickly and the test driver tries to slow down by taking his foot off the gas. the rear tires slide out, resulting in a long, uncontrolled skid. "consumer reports" warns the suv could roll over. >> i've been here at "consumer reports" for 11 years. i've never seen an suv do anything this bad. >> reporter: fisher told me the suv's electronic responsibility control, designed to stop skids and rollovers, did kick in. but too late. it's a pretty drastic recommendation, don't buy this vehicle. >> yeah, it's been almost ten years since we've actually put a do not buy designation on any vehicle that we've tested. so this really is a serious concern. >> reporter: in a statement, toyota
Apr 8, 2010 3:05am EDT
save money by combining operations. >>> just five days before toyota's historic recall, an executive warned colleagues they needed to come clean about acceleration problems. e-mail from that executive revealed strong concerns that toyota officials were not properly addressing safety problems. toyota has declined to comment. the automaker has recalled more than 6 million vehicles in the u.s. >>> well, here is a look at the thursday forecast. there will be rain along the coast in the pacific northwest and snow in the mountains of montana and idaho. showers and thunderstorms are possible from the gulf coast to the northeast. >> the east coast will see another warm day before a big cool-off by tomorrow. the midwest will be a little cooler than usual with minneapolis and fargo in the 50 southwest is sunny and seasonable with phoenix and l.a. in the 80s. >>> the french spider-man is back doing what he does best. climbing tall buildings and being arrested. elaine robert returned to his home in paris where he scaled a 607-foot office building. police were of course waiting for him at the top
Apr 12, 2010 3:35am EDT
the disease. >>> federal regulators are considering a second fine against toyota for failing to notify the government about defective accelerators in a timely manner. they say because the accelerator pedals involved in the recall exhibited two separate defects, two separate remedies may be necessary. toyota has already been fined a record $16.4 million. >>> senator charles schumer's taking aim at airlines charging a fee for carry-on luggage calling the idea a slap in the face to travelers. the new york lawmaker is asking the treasury department to rule that carry-ons are a travel necessity which would make them exempt from extra fees. schumer says if the treasury department fails to act, he plans to introduce legislation. he thinks people have to take their medicine, that sort of thing, it's sort of crucial they're allowed to take big carry-ons. >> it could set a precedent if this goes forward. spirit no less. >> people are going to start shoving stuff under the seat now, it will be a mess. >>> here's your monday forecast. another stormy day out west. heavy rain from l.a. to sacramento
Apr 19, 2010 3:35am EDT
news, dulles international airport. >>> toyota says it will pay the largest government penalty ever against an automaker. the company today will approve paying a $16.4 million fine. the transportation department had proposed the fine because toyota waited four months to report the gas pedal defects that resulted in the recall of millions of vehicles. >>> a financial reform bill is expected to be brought to the senate floor this week. the bill's supporters say it changes how some of wall street's biggest players do business. critics don't think so. but as david kerley reports that isn't getting the obama administration down. >> it may not have sounded like it with republicans saying the bill should be scrapped, they should start over with a bipartisan effort. but the administration says it's confident that financial reform is going to pass soon. and the treasury secretary believes he'll even get some republican votes. >> i believe that we are very close on this. that we agree on the vast bulk of the things necessary to end too big to fail, protect taxpayers in the future. that's one
Apr 9, 2010 3:05am EDT
and will not be charged. lisa stark, abc news, washington. >>> an internal e-mail from a top toyota executive is raising new questions about the company's handling of those safety problems. in the e-mail obtained by the associated press the executive tells company officials, "we are not protecting our customers by keeping this quiet." he also stated "the time to hide this one is over," and "we need to come clean." toyota ended up recalling more than 6 million vehicles in the u.s. >>> they're picking up the pieces in parts of the south after severe weather tore through there. the storm hit particularly hard in anderson county, south carolina, where 15 homes were damaged and dozens of trees came down. at least one tornado with winds of 125 miles an hour touched down in the area. about 3,000 homes lost power but there were no serious injuries. >>> here is a look at the friday forecast. the day will start off wet from north carolina to new york. that rain will linger through the afternoon in new england. it will also be rainy in southern florida and south texas. seattle could also see a few showers. >> much
Apr 15, 2010 3:05am EDT
. >>> toyota says it will now test all its sports utility models after "consumer reports" tests showed a lexus was at risk of rollover accidents. toyota immediately stopped selling the lexus gx-460. >>> finally this half hour, shifting your brain into high gear by working up a sweat. high school students discovered they think better after a workout. >> that's why for many kids gym now comes as first class. david wright reports. >> reporter: at naperville central high school west of chicago, kids who struggle in math and reading go to gym class first. >> what we're trying to do here is we're trying to jump start their brains. the very first class of the day is physical education, absolutely. >> reporter: at naperville, exercise isn't confined to the gym. there are bikes and balls right in the classroom. scientists say naperville is on to something. at the university of illinois, dr. charles hillman's research shows after a 30-minute stint on the treadmill, students actually do up to 10% better at problem solving. >> it's good for attention. it's good for how fast individuals process information
Apr 28, 2010 3:05am EDT
: so how did ford change its car and its business? ironically, ceo alan mow lawly used toyota as his model as he turned ford around. >> every vehicle would be best in class in terms of quality, fuel efficiency, safety, smart design, and very best value. >> reporter: to get there, ford went back to the drawing board, desighing sturdier, safer cars. it added more testing to each step of the assembly line. >> swap your ride for an escape -- >> reporter: and marketed the changes relentlessly. >> look at you talking me into a ford. >> i know, you should really try it. >> really going head to head with the imports on quality, which is something they avoided a few years ago. >> reporter: "consumer reports" now finds 90% of fords average or better in reliability. in crash tests, ford models share top safety ratings. american consumers are finally taking notice, and not just with ford. giving u.s. automakers new respect for the first time in years. look at the change in the matchup with asia. four years ago, the united states ranked behind japan. today, u.s. cars are ahead. >> an incredible t
Apr 1, 2010 3:05am EDT
predict big increases over last year, including toyota, due to deep discounts. >>> finally a huge piece of public art will soon go up at london's olympic park. it will be taller than new york's statue of liberty. >> the 400-foot tubular sculpture will be unusual and it's difficult to describe. more from the bbc's david sillito. >> reporter: there may be more than two years to go but the olympic stadium is certainly taking shape. but it was felt that something's missing here. it needs an artwork. they thought maybe a tower. they're going to get one. it's a tower with a twist. orbit. a dipping, swirling, spiral of steel. a landmark piece of art that you'll be able to climb and use as a vantage point to view the olympic park. it is a sort of tower. but in his studio the artist annish kapur explained to me, he didn't want another eiffel tower. >> traditionally a tower is pyramidal in structure. we've done quite the opposite. we have a -- a flowing, coiling form that changes as you walk around it. >> reporter: and it's going to be an imposing presence. at 115 meters high, orbit is going to b
Apr 16, 2010 3:05am EDT
's afternoon drive time an undercover police spotter is on the lookout for drivers breaking the law. >> toyota camry, four-door, gray. >> reporter: just down the street, officers ready to pull over the offender, some of whom are still gabbing away. >> you're talking to your dad? >> yeah. >> why don't you go ahead and end the call? >> all right. bye, dad. >> reporter: this afternoon at this one location officers issued ticket after ticket. 91 in all. it's a $100 fine. the ticketed drivers were in no mood to talk. but this one supports the effort. >> i do agree. especially when there's people that's texting and you're driving it's very dangerous. >> reporter: this program will hopefully convince drivers to practice what they preach. connecticut and new york are the two states trying this pilot program, the crackdown. the enforcement will come in waves overt next year. if successful in reducing distracted driving, the department of transportation hopes that other cities and states will follow suit. lisa stark, abc news. >> in new york city they put serious limits on cab drivers and what they can
Apr 22, 2010 3:05am EDT
for clunkers and toyota's pr nightmare helped a bit. mostly it was bankruptcy which lightened their financial burdens like bloated union pensions. a line of well-reviewed vehicles in the pipeline for years is finally catching on with the public. and with the bailout came a massive shakeup in management. >> general motors has undergone a revolution in its top management. because they don't have loyalties to the past they can go in with fresh ideas. >> reporter: when ed whitacre took over he soon fired most of the general managers, replacing them with innovators from places like silicon valley. >> we invite you to take a look at the new gm. >> reporter: and now the star of their new commercials must convert momentum into money. because general motors still owes america $45 billion. that is how much stock we, the taxpayers, now own. but if gm can stay on this path and start making real money the treasury can sell a lot of that stock in the next few years and maybe make most of that money back, and then both presidents bush and obama can take credit for saving hundreds of thousands of jobs at a c
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)